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Boutique Hotel Milan Central

Fifty House is a Boutique Hotel located in the city centre of Milan, our customers choose our accommodation for not only its location but also for its unique and integral elegance that rises from every corner of the building. This large building of several stories is an historic building, site of a former boarding school; it has been completely renovated and redesigned to create an intriguing new concept. The result is a sophisticated, an art nouveau villa that meets art, luxury, and contemporary design.  Fifty House is located in the heart of the city; it offers luxurious surroundings while also offering informal and welcoming spaces with some art pieces.

We consider Fifty House as something that is a work-in-progress; it’s already a 5-star but we strive for the unexpected. Fifty House welcomes its guests into a very refined and cultured house for travellers. It offers big spaces set with exclusively made, fine artistic furniture. Our objects are made by using high-quality materials combined with a contemporary style. We are delighted to host unique pieces of art and modern paintings in our hotel in a setting that exudes luxury and beauty.

It fills us with pride to be able to offer a Boutique Hotel in Milan of this standard. A perfect combination of elegance and modern contemporary style, that is also comfortable and an accommodating environment.