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Art & Design


Fifty House Milan is a space where art lovers can feel particularly at ease. All the suites and the large common spaces are enriched with unmistakable signs of a great love for art and beauty.

All the suites of the hotel and all the common spaces, from the American bar to the lounge and the breakfast room, are decorated with paintings and contemporary style artworks.

Artist paintings made specifically for the spaces of Fifty House Milan color and give liveliness to the walls and environment giving a particular sense of warmth and familiarity, emphasizing the sophisticated concept of the hotel: at Fifty House Milan luxury and classical spirit combine with avant-garde and modernity creating an eye-catching and original effect of great charm.

Lovers of art and of contemporary style will also appreciate the exquisite selection of furnishings, the fine materials and the bright colors of the interior design that give a great warmth to the environment.


The environment of Fifty House Milan immediately strike its guests because of its warm and intimate atmosphere, its extreme care for beauty and art objects, where no detail is left to chance.

This sophisticated care for beauty and elegance is reflected in the choice of its furnishing. All the suites of the hotel and each common space, from the lounge to the outdoor courtyard, are characterized by fine furnishings and enriched with high-class objects.

The hotel furnishings are by Driade, top brand and renowned furniture company founded in1968, characterized by an art of living that focuses on eclecticism and elegance, with artworks and everyday objects which blend harmoniously with a result of great charm.

For the choice of its lamps Fifty House Milan relied on Antonangeli Illuminazione, well-known company in business since 1977, that offers a concept of light that wants to be not only function, but also emotion, for both internal and external environments.

The elegant wallpapers are instead by Flamant, that, with its warm mix of classical forms and modern sensitivity, fully reflects the concept of Fifty House Milan. The exclusive bathroom accessories are by Gessi, renown label of precious items of furniture for the bathroom, the kitchen, the private and public wellness.

The furnishings of the interior garden are by Roda, leader brand for the production of very high-quality furnishing, with its exclusive concept of interior garden that cancels the boundaries between internal and external spaces.

Varnished oak floors, black slate, the colors of the furnishings create an effect of global warm and intimacy in all environments.

Fifty House is your modern design hotel in Milan.